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A pleasure talking cardiovascular health and food with HRH The Prince of Wales

It was an absolute pleasure discussing cardiovascular health and food with HRH The Prince of Wales over a cup of earl grey tea at the Royal Society of Medicine. I was an invited speaker at the 'Food. The Forgotten Medicine' conference and presented the perspective of an Interventional Cardiologist who deals with the end consequences of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle on a daily basis. As many people know the Prince is passionate about the connections between food, health and issues around food production, provenance and quality farming.

The meeting was an opportunity to showcase some of the exciting initiatives coming out of Bath within clinical and academic Cardiology connecting food and health. The audience were diverse and I think many people were surprised to find a mainstream Cardiologist who is fully engaged and enthusiastic about modern procedural and medical treatments, increasingly talking to patients about diet. For many patients with high blood pressure, 'high cholesterol', type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apneoa and even many cases of atrial fibrillation you can achieve significant improvements in parallel or prior to escalating other treatments.

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