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Coverage and commentary in The Sun newspaper regarding hospital canteens

This is another article regarding food in hospitals where I was asked to comment

It's in the typical style of The Sun newspaper but continues to highlight an important issue. Hospitals offer food to three groups of people; 1. Visitors who may be relatives of sick patients and have to rely on the food available on site, 2. Staff who are often very busy and need access to healthy food including during long late shifts or nights and 3. Patient who are provided specific meals.

This article is a little confused in its messaging but really refers to the infiltration of highly processed offering in the hospital canteens which will be most relevant to visitors and staff. It is perfectly acceptable to have choice and access to indulgent foods but there are certain highly processed, low quality and damaging products which have no place in an institution which is meant to show case health.

The other problem which is perhaps more worrying is when there are products which are branded/ promoted as healthy but are actually damaging. Even more concerning is that some of these brands only appear to be widely available in hospitals which is presumably related to the supply chain. For diplomatic reasons I will not name and shame but prime examples are 'low-fat' yogurt brands with beautiful healthy branding which contain 7 teaspoons of sugar or canned apple juice with 9 teaspoons of sugar. Oh, OK . . . I will name and shame - Ubley Yogurt and Minute Maid. Not good!

However, I want to end on a positive note - based on these recent articles I have been contacted by the Hospital Caterers Association and I know there is real enthusiasm and appetite to make things better. They are certainly committed to positive change and I hope to be able to contribute from the medical side.


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